Hello Everyone,

We had a great week at JMW! We started our rehearsals for MATILDA THE MUSICAL, set to debut May 1, 2 and 3 of 2020. Our Performance Ensemble classes have been busy preparing for their production on Friday, January 24th. Midyear Exams started on Friday and we are ready to begin Semester 2 this coming Friday!


Midyear Exams began on Friday, January 17th and will go through January 24th.  Semester 1 will end on January 24th and Semester 2 will begin on January 25th as a Day 1.  Please see the exam schedule below.  Please note that midyear exam days are early release time days at 11:25am.  Lunch will be served all 4 days and those students who take State Transportation will have busing available at 11:40am.  East Providence and Lincoln buses do not provide early release, so to those parents, please plan accordingly.  Students have also been notified.  Students cannot stay in the building unless they are accompanied by a teacher for make-up work or rehearsals.  Please make arrangements to have your child picked up.


The JMW Performance Ensemble Classes and the Theater Works Class will be putting on a production for their culminating work on Friday, January 24th at 7:00pm in the JMW Auditorium. I hope everyone can come out this Friday and support our students.


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Have a great week!

R.Pimentel, JMW Director


Our Mission at JMW is To academically challenge and nurture high school students with exceptional talent in the Arts who wish to explore careers in the Visual & Performing Arts."

Our Vision at JMW is that Everyone is special in their unique way; Treat others with respect each and every day!

We are committed to preparing our students to go on to top colleges in the nation, while concentrating their studies in a chosen arts discipline: visual arts, dance, music or theater.  

We are also a tuition free school for All Rhode Island residents, providing Career & Technical Education Programs in Music, Dance, Theater, Visual Arts and Video & Film Production.